Let's Party!

Is the idea of planning a fun, virtual birthday party for your child seeming a little daunting?

Let Emily take over! 

Choose an awesome package below to begin planning a party the kids will love, while you get to sit back and relax!

Parties and packages


Got a singer on your hands? There's nothing quite like a Karaoke Party with your friends!

In this 60 or 90 minute party, guests will sing a song of their choice, play trivia games and other fun improv-based activities, and of course have tons of fun! 




In this script-based party, where Emily is the narrator, each guest will get a chance to play a character! Guests will receive a character sheet in advanced, come dressed as their character, and solve a birthday mystery! 

In this 90 minute party, kids will play improve games, solve puzzles, and of course work together to solve our mystery.


$75/60 minute party

$100/90 minute party

*Add on a party box to be shipped to each child for an additional $15/guest.